Monday, June 2, 2014

What Is Holy

What Is Holy

Sound said to me, "I want to be holy." 
And I replied, "Dear, what is the problem?
You already are." 

Then sound quipped back, 
"What do you mean?" 

Well, the wind speaks, does it not? 
And what of the refrain of geese? 
And what of the rooster at dawn? 

And the chorus from the sea and the rain? 
And the thunder? 
Is not all a part of God? 

           There is a wonderful line from Rumi that goes, "Whatever purifies you is the right path, I will not try to define it." So it is with religion and love, whatever (or whoever) introduces you to the beauty of your own soul is Truth, goodness, worth. When Gibran did not want Mary to pay for him to accompany her on a Bermuda vacation (he was broke), she explained that money is only one of many acts that reinforce love, the others like time, service, gratitude, etc. we more comfortably accept, but she writes: "Everything you ever did, or said, or looked, or were, that showed me you loved me, gave me pleasure. And you must let everything I do because I love you give you pleasure too."

Great graphic illustration of Gibran's message on "what is Holy"

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