Saturday, June 21, 2014

Pray to Your Hand

Pray to Your Hand

The foundation for insanity is laid,
and every moment it increases as the universe expands.

Too convincing for most everyone is form
to then not call it real.
And to not then be its wholehearted servant at times. 

Some balance, dear, some delicate discernment 
is required between what appears to be 
and what really is not. 

Let it often come down to this,
for the right equation 
you need to solve the big dilemma 
is just too vast for most. 

Yes, let it come down to this,
when thoughts and aspects of the Infinite
can no longer delight you: 

Pray to your hand that it reveals all the wonder
you will ever need to be satisfied. 
For it is there. 
The divine mystery is in all things. 

Post coming soon!

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