Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sometimes I Feel

Sometimes I Feel

Sometimes I feel as if I am involved 
with the extraordinary: 

that something of my efforts - and their results  - 
are a great triumph, for both of us;

that something I have labored with 
added to a bridge, we can cross to the Beloved. 

What a great explorer might feel in a moment
of joy and wonder, in accomplishing the 
nearly impossible, I have known that - 
and much more. 
       What are your moments of joy and wonder? What moments lie out beyond these? On February 5, 1918 Gibran wrote to Mary: "Talking to people about poetry and reading to them gives me a great deal of real pleasure. Human beings have changed remarkably during the past three years. They are hungry for beauty, for truth, and for that other thing which lies beneath and beyond beauty and truth."
       My question to you would be what is that other thing that lies beyond beauty and truth?
       Mary wrote back on February 10, 1918: "Of course, KG, when you read and talk to people, there are doubtless countless vibrations caught now that will also echo in the years to come."

Sounds waves of "I love you more" 

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