Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mecca and I Bump Heads

Mecca and I Bump Heads

If you looked close you would see
my eyes are always folded in a way,
like hands praying. 

The sun and the moon are my knees
at hours, and the sky, the sky a prayer mat.

The ocean asks me to baptize it,
when I walk along its body.
And how can I resist? 

I stopped exaggerating a couple years ago,
when God and I did wed. 

         What a beautiful poem by Hafiz...the world is our prayer mat, and we can wed God by walking along with him along the shoreline of life. MH wrote in her journal May 29, 1923 (writing of laughing with Gibran): "And when I could speak again I said, "Will you make me laugh when I meet you in Paradise? I hope you will." For I think never a time have we met - even when we were sad that he has not made me laugh and laugh, at something that the moment suggested to his flashing mind."
           Our enjoyment in another's presence is what makes relationships fulfilling.

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