Friday, June 6, 2014

We Are Like Lutes

We Are Like Lutes

We are like lutes once held by God,
being away from His warm body
fully explains our constant yearning. 

         Humans do have a yearning for the intangible - the force that connects us to a spiritual place, the pull that drives us towards experiences that fulfill our souls, the essence that allows us to find beauty. Poets seem to give us glimpses of such an invisible thread, instrument, or feeling. Mary perfectly described this in her July 19, 1914 letter: "A woman suffers to bear one child and feed it. You bear many children - and you feed the World Heart, beloved Kahlil. You sow your heart, beloved Kahlil - you withhold nothing - but many, many hearts shall come up to you for ages from that seed. Whenever life burns deep for centuries you shall meet it and it will love you."
      What a beautitful concluding line!

Same Old Lang Syne (1981), Dan Fogelberg

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