Wednesday, June 11, 2014

God Courts Us

God Courts Us

God courts us with the beauty 
of this world. 

The Beloved courts us with music,
and any touch that quiets,

or can excite a heart 
to such an extent
it will look like a radiant applause. 

            Throughout our lives, beauty is often illuminated in various forms - spoken word, written verse, through kindness and love, through rainbows and butterflies. Poets have frequently been ones to show us this Truth. As Kahlil wrote on July 17, 1915: "The Spirit of this world is ever changing and ever growing. The saints and sages of the past ages were seldom in the presence of the God of this world, because they never gave themselves to life but simply gazed at it. The great poets of the past were always one with Life. They did not seek a point in it nor did they wish to find its secrets. They simply allowed their souls to be governed, moved, played upon by it. And by doing this, he discovers the world not only for himself, but also for those who possess a natural willingness to listen to him. Your last letter, Mary, is the most wonderful I have received. It is an expression of this sacred desire to find this world and behold it naked; and that is the soul of the poetry of Life. Poets are not merely those who write poetry, but those whose hearts are full of the spirit of Life, like you. I am not working much these days, but somehow one's dreams are always active, growing fast and well."

"Hand of God" NASA 2014 
(NASA's NuSTAR spacecraft has imaged the structure in high-energy X-rays for the first time, shown in blue. Lower-energy X-ray light previously detected by NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory is shown in green and red.) 

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