Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Courageous Dirty Work

The Courageous Dirty Work

I am glad someone thinks they are real,
real enough that they respond to names,
real enough to show up for work on time
and pay their bills. 

For what would happen to the world 
if there weren't courageous people 
like that around,

willing to do the dirty work
of thinking they exist? 

        Today my boyfriend and I went to NYC to see Les Miz, featuring the acclaimed Ramin Karimloo. As I've already blogged about, it is a tremendous and momentous play about the triumph of the human spirit - about people courageously and fully alive. We also went to FAO Schwarz, Times Square, and the American Museum of Natural History (where his first choice was seeing the Arthur Ross Hall of Meteorites). Since the topic of meteorites really relates to the passage in one of Mary and Gibran's letters, I'll save my musings on Les Miz for another day.
        On December 17, 1916, Mary shipped Kahlil a meteorite, writing: "It is crowded with Infinities, you will love it, as I do."
        He responded two days later on December 19, 1916: "May God bless you for your blessed letter - for every word in it and for the heavenly spirit that runs amongst the words. And may God make me worthy of it all. When the hand of Life is heavy and night songless, it is the time for love and trust. And how light the hand of life becomes and how songful the night, when one is loving and trusting all. I, too, have been through a period of childbirth, painful and creative and full of questionings. There were times when the hand of Life seemed like a mountain on my breasts. But I know now that there are wings fastened to every heavy thing. And I know also that it is the greater hunger that makes the wings motionless. O Mary, and a real meteorite, I would rather have it than anything else in the world. The meteorite, the precious meteorite, is the most wonderful thing I have ever had. It feeds my imagination and it sends my thoughts into deeper space and makes the Infinite nearer and less strange to my soul. I hold it every day and each time I bless you with all my heart. Love from Kahlil"
     That night I found a very interesting wedding ring made out of meteorites, dinosaur bones, and gold...I couldn't help but think it contained so many infinities.

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