Thursday, June 5, 2014

Energy In Sounds

Energy In Sounds

As many times as a parrot might say 
any number things, 
will that make them true for the bird? 

So it is with many uttertances 
about spiritual matters from people

Harness speech; let it become 
a windmill that can grind a harvest. 

There is a pristine energy in sounds 
that come from certain depths 
that can help split the atom

if you can control them perfectly,
which would mean your words cease to harm,
and always uplift, or at least comfort. 

      It's true that there is great energy in sounds! Gibran once said, "When we cease to believe the idea we no longer perceive it; we kill it and its death kills us." It is belief in oneself and others that lights the fires that sustain this world. I thought of both the "energy in sounds" and the energy in self-belief when I listened to this story of Tim Doner, a hyper-polyglot (someone who speaks over ten languages). In the video, he reveals he did not start learning new languages until he was 13, but that once he decided to start, he never wanted to stop, as they unlocked and unveiled to him old mysteries and new beauties.

Tim Doner - Teen Who Speaks Over 20 Languages
THNKR 2013 

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