Friday, June 13, 2014

Tremendously More True

Tremendously More True

She had a dream that told her
she was going to pass from this world. 

And on the day before, she still felt well,
but believed that these were her last hours,
so she went into her garden as she always had,
and never more beautiful did the world look,
never more a part of everything she now knew she was. 

She became absolutely certain that 
something tremendously more true
awaited our knowing. 

That night she merged into a brilliant sky,
one that she discovered her soul had always,
had always been holding in its hand. 

          Is it possible to stay courageous in the face of death? Is it ever possible to make peace with the idea that you are dying? Worse, that you are dying soon? If so, if it is possible to see more beauty in the world when your moments are limited, like the woman in this poem? If so, why do we not live this way all the time? In Gibran's words: "If all the other inhabitants of the earth, for instance, believed that the individual soul perishes with death it would move me not an atom to agree with them, because I know my soul won't perish. It is with the soul that we live,  for the soul never loses its path."

When I Get Where I'm Going (2005), Brad Paisley

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