Thursday, June 19, 2014

Find a Better Job

Find a Better Job

Now that all your worry 
has proved such an unlucrative business,
why not find a better job? 

And while you are at it,
scouting about town
and fine tuning your resume,
maybe light a candle in some church. 

        From December 18, 1920 in Mary Haskell's Journal: I asked Kahlil about his reading tour. "That is off; I can't help being glad. It was like a heavy weight on my soul. Somehow the idea of reading The Prophet from city to city, under advertisement was sacrilege to me. It is my religion, my most sacred life. I love to read it here in this studio to little groups or to certain gatherings. I should love to read it in a church. In fact, the first reading of it is to be in a church in New York. My life has a great deal of seeing people in it, just individuals, one by one, and groups as well. And I want to be so more and more. I want to live reality.  I want some day simply to live what I would say, and talk to people. I want to be a teacher. Better than to write ever so truly about fire, is to be one little live coal."
      How true this is, we all have to think about the job we want - both our visible and invisible one, both our work and our home life - our life's mission apart from monetary goals, our life's purpose apart from societal expectations. I love the last line Kahlil imparted to Mary "I want to live reality...better than to write ever so truly about fire, is to be one little live coal."

Willy Wonka had a cool job!

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