Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ingredients From All Thoughts

Ingredients From All Thoughts

There is a part of you that moves through everything 
the East, the West, representative of the North, 
delegate of the South,
they are a part of your every hour. 

Ingredients from all thought and realms, 
and time - past, present, and future - are in you. 
A few words from each of the great prophets 
brought to mind every day
would help all you planted reach its potential,
and will help distill your extraordinary worth.

Service to others will help you
become death to a voice inside of you
that does not believe in happiness. 
Then you will become that, 
which the unlit wick 
goes to for light. 

         It's a beautiful thought to understand - that we are connected to everything and a part of everything, that the thread of the infinite (past, present, and future) is weaved into the fabric of our being. That we are the sum of everything that came before us, and everything that our being in the world has affected. I love the concluding line: "Become that, which the unlit wick goes to for light." Who brings you light in your life?
        Kahlil Gibran on May 23, 1915: "When we meet we shall surely speak fully of it - not as something new, but as an old thing newly realized. I have always thought, Mary, that a Revelation is simply the discovery of an element in us, in our Greatest Self, the self that knows what we do not know, and what we call growth is nothing but knowledge of that larger self."

Photograph: Laurent Laveder (2006) 

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