Wednesday, June 4, 2014

If I Did Not Know Your Name

If I Did Not Know Your Name

What is a mere few years, centuries, 
or millenniums between us?
I should be able to follow
any contemporary language. 

I have heard every word 
anyone has ever spoken.
Past, present, and future.

Limits don't exist.
All knowledge is there 
and not there, simultaneously. 

If I did not know your name, 
you whose face is close to what I have written,
I would doubt my own existence 

for we are surrounded by a brilliant splendor
even I can hardly believe is true. 

        In today's post I wanted to briefly mention the Kahlil Gibran memorial in Washington, DC. It's a quiet oasis in the Massachusetts Avenue area, the memorial circles around an alcove with benches for people to sit. If you look at the picture below, you can understand, in just a few words, what Gibran left to this world.

The Gibran Memorial in Washington, DC
Pictures by Gordon Kray

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