Thursday, May 1, 2014

When All Is Still

When All Is Still

And then, all the and thens ceased.
Nothing remains of the to be dones 
in the order of time
when all is still.
In this profound quiet,
the immaculate comes into view.
God disrobes.

        I think the immaculate comes into view more for those who are open to such appearances. Recently, my dad and I have been experiencing a lot of serendipitous moments, moments that, can only be explained as fortuitous blessings or meaningful chance encounters. These experiences have really made us feel as though we've experienced being "tuned into the Infinite" (as Hafiz would say) or confirmed the old Chinese proverb that "there is an invisible thread that connects us all regardless of time or place". Perhaps, one day my dad will share his moment on his blog Sounds Romantic. These moments are certainly ones best shared by those who directly witnessed them, as beautifully articulated in a post on Marc and Angel Hack Life: Who Will Save Your Life? 
      As for my moment, it began on Monday morning when I printed out the sheet music for House of The Rising Sun because my boyfriend had told me that he pictured me playing that piece on a grand piano one day as he danced around the room and we "raised a house of dreams". I liked that imagery, so I decided to learn the piece for the man I love. This is already a cute story, but the moment that made it happened a day later. I had only been able to locate difficult level sheet music and was discouraged to find my whole morning spent only being able to play the opening lines. That afternoon I went to my piano lesson and my teacher started going through her music collections, trying to find a piece for me to play for the upcoming recital. The first piece she picked out (from mind you, literally thousands of songs) was House of The Rising Sun. She said, "Hmmm...I just have a feeling...well, you might not even know this song, but how about House of The Rising Sun?" It was just so uncanny! (And of course I went on to tell her this story).

House of The Rising Sun (1964), Animals 

My opening lines (that took 40 minutes to learn, lol)

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