Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It Is My Nature

It Is My Nature 

It is the nature 
of this world 
to share its burden 
with you.

And it is my nature 
to remove it 
from your back. 

           Two weeks ago I discovered the poet Tyler Knott Gregson, many of his "typewriter series" poems appear on Pinterest and Twitter. He has a unique style of writing poetry on the back of old receipts and taking daring arrangements, all while maintaining the beauty and eloquence inherit in
poetry. Here's an example:

You can hold me like a book,
I won't care of the creases 
you make on my spine.
You can turn my pages,
fingers licked for grip,
the corners rubbed smooth 
in anticipation of the words
waiting on the other side. 
I cannot wait to hold the ink,
blue and bold,
where you underlined 
your favorite parts of me. 

      That's just it, isn't it? We have these nameless moments, deep kisses, strange adventures, rambling conversations...and in the end, we're all just stories. Stories that, if we're lucky, someone has come by and loved the edges of, bolded their favorite portions, and torn pages from to keep in their pocket always. 
       To find a lover to share the burden of this world with is a certain type of magic. 

I Love You Will Still Sound The Same (2014), Oh Honey

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