Saturday, April 26, 2014

Move On To Your Glory

Move On To Your Glory 

What can you see of existence's attempt to honor you 
when you keep turning back to a time 
where some event you seemed to take part in 
may cause you to lower your head 
and whisper again, 'I am sorry'? 

You cannot accept the crown 
with any regrets in your past 

You cannot see every object's homage 
if you are stuck in any kind of confessional 

All happenings needed to be;
accept that, my dear. 

Ask for any forgiveness one more time
if you must 
then move on to your glory. 

          "Ask for forgiveness one more time", repeat that line to yourself and let it resonate. Then dismiss all thoughts of your wrongdoings, not so that you never reflect on them (because reflect you should), but so that they do not consume you. Forgiving yourself is important. Forgiving yourself allows the strength to persevere on the days others find faults in you, and there will be many of those days. But, "if you only walk on sunny days you'll never reach your destination” (Paulo Coelho), so let it go, a new event may cause you the need to bow your head again. Yes, "all happenings needed to be" if only to give you new perspective and awareness.

When I Go, Dave Carter

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