Thursday, April 17, 2014

I Think We Need a Password

I Think We Need a Password

I think we need a password

that way, in case you ever come to my door
and God and I are busy inside

we could just say, tell us the password 
if you really want to snuggle

and part of the password will be you 
knowing it is really a pass-sentence.

And here it is 
in all its glory and truth: 

Love is all of time and space. 

Now don't forget,
beam and delight 
like one who knows 
that golden key. 

        Love is our something special from this world, it is unique, lasting, never forgotten, and our only souvenir from this world. You can take love (any part, grand or small, of any lover, fleeting or lifelong) with you. This is akin to Rumi’s advice: “Apart from Love, everything passes away.” It is the gold of this world.
        Listen to the DVD intro to one of my favorite Jackson Browne's song, "keep a record [of love]"...

In The Shape of a Heart (1976), Jackson Browne

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