Friday, May 23, 2014

The Extraordinary Influence You Can Yield

The Extraordinary Influence You Can Yield

At some point one's prayers will become 
so powerful that they can shake a full tree
in an orchard in heaven and fruit will roll
through the streets in this world. 

But, dear, until you can do that, 
maybe apprentice yourself to someone who can,
and they will help your destiny achieve the 
height of the extraordinary influence you can yield. 

          We have more power to do good when we are surrounded by those who love us and see our potentiality, those who believe we are destined to work for Infinite and apprentice ourselves to a world beyond this one. Gibran wrote to Mary on February 8, 1914: "I wish I could tell you, beloved Mary, what your letters mean to me. They create a soul in my soul. I read them as messages from life. Somehow they always come when I need them most, and they always bring that element which makes us desire more days and more nights and more life."
         I suspect that humans frequently pray for more time, more time to laugh, and be happy, and spend on Earth with those we love. These are the prayers that shake trees in another world. These are the prayers that cause physical trembling and words that have more soul than voice. These prayers parch the mind as much as they do the mouth. We wonder, have I been heard? Will my deepest wishes be granted? Or only warmly mentioned in my dreams? We do not frequently get the answer. The only thing that comforts us is another heart to whom our heart belongs. How many people do you have like that in your life? Ten? Five? Two? Gibran had one and he reminded her of it whenever he could.
         From a March 1, 1914 letter: "A mighty storm is raging outside. The studio is nice and warm, and a keen desire for work is in my soul. A storm frees my heart from little cares and pains. A storm always awakens whatever passion there is in me. I become eager, and seek relief in work. I often picture myself living on a mountain top in the world, in the most stormy country. Is there such a place? If there is I shall go to it someday and turn my heart into pictures and poems. This is not a letter, beloved Mary. I only wanted to tell you that you and I are going to work while the storm is singing a wild song and dancing a passionate dance. With your blessings in me, and the storm outside of me, the work is bound to be good."

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