Tuesday, May 20, 2014

That Knowledge You Will Not Be Able to Accept

That Knowledge You Will Not Be Able to Accept

The parents of three young birds got shot 
by a hunter. 

After a few days of no food 
the two larger birds killed
their brother;
they ate him and picked 
at his bones for a week. 

Then that hunger 
we have all known 
set in again,
and it lasted,
and it caused another set 
of wings to never climb
into the sky. 

A few more nights passed,
then at sunrise the lone bird fell
from its nest, though survived 
the fall and landed near some ants,
which it ate until it learned to fly. 

And fly it did. Its song came to please 
many ears, 
Its beauty enhanced the view of all who saw it,
even a loving parent, it one day did become. 

The guards at the gate of heaven know this story,
but such knowledge about what is innocent 
and what is wrong,
you will not be able to accept until your 
and an angel's ways are more similar. 
It just works like that. 

        I found this poem very comforting, as it served as reminder that any poorly lived life can turn around. We can think of a "poorly lived life" in terms of the poem, that misfortune befell someone when they were young and had no control over their circumstances or (also in terms of the poem) an immoral choice despite other (perceived) possible choices. If something led you to do something less than worthy, make sure you read this entire poem. Do not stop after hearing of the hardship the young bird suffered, instead look forward and read on about how he became graceful, beautiful, and a helping hand. In time, he was only known (and remembered) as someone who brought joy to others. Is that not what the artist does?
      From Mary Haskell's journal (November 9, 1912): "Did you ever look upon the present with the eyes of the future?" said Kahlil at night. "I know the future - not in detail - but in the great outline - and I accept it. Nothing will stop my work. I may lose health - but my work will go on. I may work less, but I will accomplish more."

nothing changes 
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