Sunday, May 18, 2014



From man's perspective in this extraordinary game
called life

it is so easy to become confused
and think you are the doer,

but from God's infinite certainty
He always knows

He is the only one who should ever
be put on trial

From Mary Haskell's journal (June 12, 1912):
"I've talked with the gods today, and prayed to them," said I.
"What did you ask for?" said Kahlil. "I have been doing it too."
"What was your prayer?" said I.
"Oh! I asked you first," said he. 
"I realized," said I, "that all the trouble I ever had about you came from some smallness or fear in myself. And I prayed that if more of that remains in me, as no doubt there does - it shall be burnt, torn, blown, killed, out of me - at whatever cost."
"Mine was very different,"  he said. "I asked that things be made lasting."
"Our things?" said I.

          The reality of a thing is sometimes different from our conception of it. Often times that is because we do not have the certainty that it will last and our fear of loss is a very real fear in human life. Perhaps if we had some assurance, we would be less afraid, even of ourselves (and our own ability to "ruin" a relationship). However, we do not have this infinite certainty that our relationships will be permanent. Still, we must go forth with the comfort that if something is real, even if its expression went in this life, it will surely be resumed elsewhere in the beyond.

The Divine World, Gibran

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