Friday, May 16, 2014

An Infant In Your Arms

An Infant In Your Arms

The tide of my love has risen so high,
let me flood over you.

Close your eyes for a moment 
and maybe all your fears and fantasies 
will end. 

If that happened God would become 
an infant in your arms 

and you would find you could 
nurse all creation. 

         The following words are from Mary Haskell's journal on January 28, 1912 after she received a copy of Gibran's recently published novel, Broken Wings. "Came from Kahlil a marked copy of Broken Wings, just out - with the dedication translated and the title of each chapter. The cover is green-gray paper, much like 314's (her home) walls in effect, and good. Thus Kahlil translates the dedication, on the same page, above it: "To her who gazes at the sun with fixed eyes; who touches the Fire with fingers that tremble not; who hears the songs of the Absolute while in the midst of the hollering blind - to M.E.H. I dedicate this book. Gibran." In reply - I could only cry out of my speechlessness: To him who turns eyes sunward; who brings fire; who gives the Absolute a voice; whose immortality my name exults to hear - acknowledgment."
      Gibran later wrote, about the book (written in Arabic), "the only part which I am pleased to claim has been penned from my hand is the three English letters" (these letters referred to Mary's initials in the dedication).

Need You Now (2010), Lady Antebellum

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