Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Everything In Your Kingdom

Everything In Your Kingdom

It can't forsake you, Love.
For I know the kingdom of each mind
stretches so far. 
Is there anything not in it? 

Would not all your moments of grief, and their residue,
end at that juncture where the Sun is walking 
toward you 
and you toward it 
creating a union as certain as anything ever was. 

         I love this Hafiz poem, there is nothing that extends beyond the kingdom of Love. And when you greet the kingdom, in all its varied forms, it is the "juncture where the Sun is walking toward you". And moreover, he says that this union is created "as certain as anything ever was". Isn't that what we want to believe about our soulmate? The person we feel destined to spend the rest of our life with? The person we want to be doing everything with? Don't we want that to be "as certain as anything ever was"?
          Gibran knew that one of the ways love evolves (or perhaps is noticed in the first place) is that you desire to see the world with them, to see all that is beautiful and breathtaking. He writes in a May 7, 1911 letter: "Just came from the museum. O how much I want to see these beautiful things with you. We must see these things together someday. I feel so lonely when I stand before a great work of art. Even in Heaven one must have a beloved companion in order of enjoy it fully. Good night, dear. I kiss your hands and your eyes."
         And a year later on October 22, 1912, he again speaks of this mutual walking: "The most wonderful thing, Mary, is that you and I are always walking together, hand in hand, in a strangely beautiful world, unknown to other people."
          On June 14, 1914 he puts into words the idea that another person's support gives you a separate and distinct, yet equally powerful freedom, for now someone believes in you and that emotion conferred by another is enough to give one wings: "The biggest thing you've said to me Mary is; 'I am fighting for life - and never anyone but you to stand by me. I know you must stand alone most of the time, but if there is room for a foot by you, I want my foot there.' I put myself in your hands. You can put yourself in another person's hands when he knows what you are doing and has respect for it and loves it. He gives you your freedom."

I Was Just Thinking (2003), Teitur

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