Sunday, May 25, 2014

Maybe One Like

Maybe One Like

Your soul could have chosen 
a different kind of body,
one that was not nearly as fragile,

and actually, it did try that, your soul, 
being like other things,
but then decided that a form like yours
was the best. 

       On April 26, 1914 Kahlil wrote to Mary, "You've given me my life in a literal sense. I could not have lived - except that you gave me life. So many actually die for lack of some such person as you to save them. It was not just the money but the way you gave it, the love you gave with it and the faith, the knowledge that there was somebody who cared. I wonder sometimes whether ever in history one soul has done for another what you have done for me."
       If that last line is not one of the most powerful lines in love letters, I don't know what is! When you are looking for someone to love, you doing one of the most important tasks in "soul-searching" that you ever will. The physical looks of a person will fade, the money might not always come in, their health could deteriorate, but if you "love souls, you will find them again" (one of the famous, and oft-quoted in my blog,  lines of Victor Hugo). So how do you decide if you're attracted to someone's soul? If the connection is deep enough that it will continue to fascinate your curiosities, that it will continue to encourage your dreams, that it will grow and change with you, it's likely more along the lines of soul's desire. Gibran often addressed Mary as "you the mountain climber, you the life hunter, you my beloved". These three things are emanated by the soul. He also speaks of the soul's own wavelength with beautiful eloquence: "You are always near me. There are times when I talk to you by the hour. There is telepathic communication between us. I knew that ages ago. How could two beings, such as we are, understand one another without that silent communication? You always make me put my hand on the brightest spot in my soul. Until Sunday, Beloved." - December 19, 1913

All That You Have Is Your Soul (1989), Tracy Chapman 

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