Monday, May 12, 2014

Just Before Dawn

Just Before Dawn

The best time to look for treasure 
starts late at night.

The sediment then settles in our sphere,
freed from all the day's hard wants.

Once can get a clearer shot at God moving 
in the sky forest, just before dawn.

And is there ever a minute, my dear,
when you are not hunting Love? 

          Today I will continue on the topic of Kahlil Gibran and Mary Haskell's love letters. Since Mary Haskell often went adventuring to the west during the summer and Kahlil stayed in New York, he reached out to her in the early fall (September 19) of 1911 to see if he could come to Boston just as soon as she arrived home. At this time boat lines operated between New York and Boston. From 1916 to 1937, there was a direct line, called the Metropolitan, which went by water from New York to Boston, on an overnight trip.

"I had a mystic, sleepless night on the boat. No stateroom to be had and the berths on the odor of drunkenness so I spent the night on deck with the stars, the bladelike moon, and then a remarkable sunrise. The memory of such a night strangely veiled with silence, and those bright, countless worlds sailing quietly through the immeasurable space made me think a million high thoughts." 

Just Another Day in Paradise (2006), Phil Vassar

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