Sunday, May 11, 2014

We Live To Be Near Her

We Live To Be Near Her

When beauty walks into the room 
and sits down close to you 
and is willing to let you gaze at her
as much as you want.

no one has to tell you all is alright now.
no one has to parrot again
someday your pain won't exist. 

For we live to be near her. 
Part of her benediction is that all 
you want to come alive does. 

Passion in full throttle says to the past 
says to worries
go, go
and places our attention on splendor. 

          I can write my own blog on the things mothers should impart while they're alive - an audacity of mind, a generosity of spirit, and a munificence of love. Thankfully, I cannot yet remark on what they impart when they're gone. Conversely, after reading many blogs, Arianna Huffington's blog on Mother's Day stood out as the blog that provided that answer. She writes, "It's as though certain gifts can be bequeathed only at one's death - that while she was alive she so embodied the qualities of nurturing, giving, and unconditional loving that it felt as if those dimensions of life were taken care of for all those blessed to be in her orbit. What she left us with is the treasure house of her spirit."
        Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I love you! <3

A Mother's Love, Mark Masri and Jim Brickman

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