Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Miracle of Darkness

The Miracle of Darkness

Now, with illuminating spheres appearing 
whenever I turn and something even greater,

tell me God, more of your miracle of darkness 
I can see in other lives. 

I once cried for what was not in my hand,
not knowing it was there. 

Finally you pointed out my misconception,
and darkness would be thought of
as a miracle to me now. 

         In a July 7, 1914 letter from Mary she speaks about how just conjuring up memories of Kahlil and simply knowing he exists is enough to bring her peace in the trying times of her life, which she defines in terms of "continuous clouds" and "raging storms". She writes of those shadowy times: "Always at least I am not without you - even when all else is vague or ghastly. And this I should feel, even if you were for days without thought of me. Because thought is only a small part of us. We are more together than we know, even though our knowledge of it grows. And when I turn to you, Kahlil, something loosens and dimness clears - and something is sweet and there is warmth. I am never in a storm now without you."

Scare Away the Dark (2014), Passenger 

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