Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Heart's Coronation

The Heart's Coronation

The pawn always sits stunned, chained,
unable to move beneath God's magnificent power. 

It is essential for the heart's coronation 
for the pawn to realize 

there is nothing but divine movement 
in this world 
nothing but love 

         Today's entry will be from Mary Haskell's diary (often a more detailed and poetically moving acocunt than her letters back to Gibran). This journal entry is from June 15, 1912: "Kahlil's face is full of stars. There's brightness all over it. Look at him and you'd know there's not a dead spot in him. Anywhere you'd see him you'd know there was a peculiar power in him and peculiar beauty. When we walked home today I asked Kahlil if we could go pick up my shoes that had been mended on Massachusetts Avenue. Since he was carrying my belongings, I wondered if he might rather wait at 314 while I fetched them. "Oh no, I would have missed out on four blocks with you. I prize too dearly each moment we're together to miss out on that." Now little flashes of him, like his answer, lay the beat of his heart suddenly against mine."
       It's so amazing how dearly the power of an answer that appeals to the soul can be felt. I think we've all had a moment in which we understand that concept, how little flashes of a wonderful minute will come back as you reflect over the day. After all, where you invest your love, you invest your time, your memories, your thoughts, your life.

I Choose You (2014), Sara Bareilles

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