Friday, November 1, 2013

What Holds Us Captive

What Holds Us Captive

Look at the sweetness of their play, those
lion cubs. Look at part of Beauty’s beauty,

it holds us captive to what delights.
All those paws in a dancing motion, they
are a blessing to my eye.

It should be like this; all that can open the
heart in heaven…can be found on Earth.

Love reveals the paradise.

             Happy November! This month will be devoted to Hafiz on Love. Daniel Ladinsky, considered to be the living authority on Hafiz, says of Hafiz’s poetry: “May something in them touch you as only a real lover and friend can.” I think you will be able to find that in this month’s readings. 
             I chose this poem as my opener for the last line: “Love reveals the paradise.” I am particularly attracted to this line because it is succinct, yet nonspecific. Hafiz does not specify the type of love nor the vision of paradise. This is powerful because it means YOU can. I hope you enjoy Hafiz’s love poems and that you are always in the presence of Love that holds you captive to delight.

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