Thursday, November 28, 2013

Mastery in Servitude

Mastery in Servitude

There is really no place for
I can’t
in Love.

A thought like that goes against
the grain of light’s astounding ability.

Once I saw Caring’s beauty in action;
there was a splendor there
I needed to imbibe

But such a force,
it tears you from your moorings,

it brings you into an arena where a
gladiator you will need to become,
but one that may never get cheered.

Heroic deeds you will do in silence,
for that is Greatness’s preference – no fame.

But if the world should come to know you,
be a good host to the attention you get.

Use it as a tool to build
a shelter
for your mind and others in need.

                  Happy Thanksgiving! I thought this was the perfect poem for the holiday! Remember that character is defined by what you do or say when no one is watching. Hafiz takes it one step futher and asks us to remember that people may watch, they may see it all, but not ever thank us. I think he is saying that this too, is a gift, learning that service to others should be for the heart's own delight. 

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