Sunday, November 24, 2013

Making The Rounds

Making The Rounds

Some newlyweds came to me
They looked at me with serious faces
and sincerely asked,

“Does God want us to renounce the sweet pleasures
our bodies and the earth may give
and practice discipline?”

And I replied, “Do what most enables you to fly,
and brings a feeling to the heart that makes you
glad to be alive.”

My guests then said, “Is it really that simple?”

And I said, “Yes, why not?”

            Those with an affinity for service, and perhaps maybe anyone with a conscious, may at times question if they are doing enough. Volunteering enough. Giving to others enough. How do we strike a balance between rewarding ourselves for our hard work and giving of ourselves to others? If we make X, should we give 5% to charity? If at one point in our lives X becomes larger, should we give away 50%? I think these newlyweds have a similar question, concerning how much we should indulge in pleasure, even the selfish pleasure of physical desire and earthly goods. I love the answer Hafiz gives, “Do what most enables you to fly…and makes you glad to be alive.” What could be clearer than that? For many, service to others will be included in the joys of life that give us wings, so we need not worry.

         Below is a picture that has been interpretted/objectively stated in two ways on the internet. Some believe the soldier is giving the flowers to an orphan girl. Some believed the oprhan girl is giving the flowers to the soldier. What do you think is happening? Moreover, does it matter? 

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