Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Chance to Paint Each Other Gold

A Chance to Paint Each Other Gold

What would make a lover value you
over other lovers they have known?

There is something in a caring touch
that your memory has recorded
and holds dear
because it nourishes as few things can.

A sincere wanting and need to artfully give
is inherent in Love.

And Love will always get its way;
for patience it knows,
and what a strength that is.

We add or subtract to our beauty
with each movement and sound.

Look, we have a chance to help
paint each other gold.

The closest thing to amorous play
with God in any form
should be the goal
of any intimacy between us.

Us are those who seek that sacred friendship,
and can gaze at each other in appreciation,
For Love welcomes the Lover
to places we allow few to ever see.

          As the month’s topic of Love ends today (but will of course be revisited in another month this year), I wanted to conclude with a poem that most illuminates what romantic love means to me. I think this poem does a great job of exactly that, to me romantic love is a sacred friendship, a tender memory recorded, and an invitation to our soul (that place we allow few to ever see).

        When I think about marriage, that penultimate expression of romantic love, I hope to one day marry a person whose hopes, dreams, and vision of the future I value. I hope we’re cute enough to write silly little love notes and weird enough to try out Naked Twister. I hope we’re childlike enough to jump on the bed and romantic enough to dance under the stars.

         I hope we make tender memories and share our souls. I hope that we still have enough love leftover to believe in Santa, and magic, and miracles. And even though we might not undertake every journey together, I want us to be united at every starting point, and finish line, and each new beginning in between. I hope we still kiss each other every day, not out of habit, but because we really want to. And that even after fifty years of being married, we still know what butterflies feel like and that laughter is easy to find. And even if our lives do not go according to plan, I hope we believe that living it by each other’s sides was one of the best parts.

         When I marry a guy I do believe it will be because I value him over every other love, because I’ve invited him into my soul, given him a key, and asked him to take up residence there. Yes, that is akin to finding gold. I want to remember one thing for my future husband, after everything is said and done, I want to swear that I still get a high off of just holding his hand.

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