Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Leave Something in the Marketplace

Leave Something in the Marketplace

Sometimes it can happen to these cheeks
when a poem visits my mind for the first time
and begins to look around.

They can wonder why tears are falling on them,
and causing my nose to run too.

O boy, what a mess love makes of me!

But there is nothing else right now
I would rather be doing

than reaping something from a field
in another dimension

and leaving it in the marketplace for anyone who
might happen by.

Leave something in the marketplace for us
before you leave this world.

This poem is amazing! It showcases Hafiz’s belief in divine inspiration, “reaping from a field in another dimension”, which is something many of his poems do and which will also be a theme of an upcoming month. Additionally, his instructions about leaving something behind ring so very true for the topic of this month, Love. Love is the only souvenir you will take from this world and the only statue you will leave behind.

That being said, his instructions inspired me to try my hand at writing a few verses in the style of Hafiz (often the ghazal form). I’ve entitled it Sunflower Poem in the Style of Hafiz for now.

                                        Sunflower Poem in the Style of Hafiz 

Do not fret about those who do not understand you. 

The sunflower had to wait one thousand years 
before anyone knew it had a heart. 

Still it turned its face towards the sun. 

View from Hampshire College
Photograph: Arden Gewirtz 

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