Monday, November 18, 2013

Your Scent I Know

Your Scent I Know

The ferry to any shore, to any land
to any realm, is the heart.

An unseen vessel though it is to most, Love
but so capable of travel,
via a prayer or a soul’s deep wish.

And your spirit’s arms, they can reach out
and really touch anything you want
to hold. 

It should be that way, and it is.
For you, dear, all within time, are right before me.
Your scent I know; your ways I shape.

       I love this poem! Your ticket to the serene, the unimaginable, the beautiful is through Love. And in loving another deeply you board this universal vessel.
      With the one I love, I want to share everything, from pillows to cold feet to familiar glances to fire places to spaghetti dinners to car keys to hoodies to ice cream cones to Saturday nights to Sunday mornings to smiles in the dark to children and to every special memory that comes our way.
      Yes, Love is the soul’s ticket to infinite possibilities. In the following link, 26 of the Most Thought Provoking Photographs of All Time, you will undoubtedly be moved by them all. I think that is what Love does, it stirs something deep within, making it possible to not only travel to, but also inhabit the infinite.

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