Wednesday, January 1, 2014

In The Rose Season

In The Rose Season

When they sky meadow blooms in the rose season  
so should we.

And in winter, why can’t the warmth
of any summer day still be on our faces,
that another can feel.

Write a little note to yourself
about when your heart was most alive.
Carry that with you.

Some tiny transference of love could happen
to all near, when your memory touches
what was once sacred to you.

Anything good in your past is a harbinger
of what is to come in greater quantities.

Whatever beauty you have known,
you will know a thousand times more.

           I hope you enjoy this powerful note to start the New Year on! “Whatever beauty you have know, you will know a thousand times more.” Happy 2014!
           Here’s a wonderful link to advice about making a New Year’s theme, instead of a New Year’s resolution. Every day is a special one, click here to see. :) 

Macy's Fireworks, NYC

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