Friday, January 31, 2014

We Add To Ourselves or Detract

We Add To Ourselves or Detract

Every time you open your mouth
and let a sound out, you alert the prey.
And who is not hunting
because of some hunger?

What you seek may run in different ways.

We add to ourselves or detract whenever we speak.
Our words turn into an entity and a magnetic field
someone has to reckon with.

I have found it is best to be on good terms with as
many as one can - so control the notes
from your flute, the body, that can rise.

Yes, we add to ourselves or detract, in some ways,
with each movement.
Know that you can increase your worth so much
a treasury you will become. 

                    We're judged by the value we bring to others' existence and the happiness we bring to our own, another way of saying this is we are the sum of our actions and words. We add to or detract from this sum with each interaction, which can seem like a daunting reality, except then you realize Hafiz's truth...this sum is infinite.

Nothing More (2013), The Alternate Routes 

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