Thursday, January 9, 2014

To Make You Perfect

To Make You Perfect

It helps to see the Creator's kind face
before he rolls up his sleeves,

and starts pumping the bellows
and cleans off his wire brush
and works with his other tools 

he eyes you up 
knowing how much this is going to hurt
to make you perfect.

          This is an interesting poem. Hafiz is remarking that it is most probable that we will encounter hurt in our lives. Moreover, he says that God is aware of this - and this could be a troubling thought to some. Why would anyone omnipotent allow suffering? To this question, no religion has adequately provided an answer, especially when the suffering hits home and tugs at your heartstrings. Conversely, you will be perfect, and so will everyone else. Inherent in life is both undesirable situations and perfection in the eyes of God.

         Below is a different take on "perfection", but worth the watch!

Beauty Pressure (2007)

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