Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Legitimate Question

A Legitimate Question 

What do lovers do after their bodies have
performed all the little magic that they can,

after the enhancement of limb-caressing love
created such a force and a shelter of protection

the world was held at bay for precious moments,
and the future and the past waited as they always do
outside a seer's house, humbly,

in some shed out back where the garden tools 
are kept, and then lifted by the real teacher 
if ever she or he desires

to plant something in time's meadow 
that can benefit generations? 

I rarely write like that 
knowing most have a short attention span

it might have gotten more cerebral than I
intended or esoteric 

Good luck contemplating this poem
if you try

Nevertheless, I think I pose a legitimate question 
about lovers passing time,
and magic tools you have in your shed. 

          Love itself is a magic tool that can be planted now and reaped in future generations. True love helps you transform the landscape of your body. True love helps you harvest your own field. True love helps you become the best version of yourself. It is transformative, though it does not require you to change your essence. Instead, it encourages you to reach the summit of your own soul.
            I do think Hafiz poses a legitimate question, but I look at it differently. What is it about the moments of togetherness that makes them so "other", that we feel as though ordinary moments (the "before" and "after") are able to be compared to them. What is it about love that fills us? Perhaps the sacredness of love is that we allow it to possess us in the moments between our togetherness, which encompasses every facet of this emotion - the power, the beauty, the vulnerability, the ecstasy, the infinite.

      The Miracle of Love (1986), The Eurthymics 

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