Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sheltered By The Sun

Sheltered By The Sun

Look what can grow from one shaft in a field, 
or from one shaft like a human being.

Beautiful cities can rise in our minds
or be burned there to the ground.

We can become so ripe
schools and buildings can be named after us,
and things we have written 
may come to be spoken in several tongues. 

What does love care about any fame? 
Not a thing!

But love does not mind any attention 
it gets either,
if that attention increases 
the capacity to give.

Love does not mind that place 
where it camped for a while in a physical form
or where that body many come to rest,

and may even then be revered if that body
became a unique nourishment for others

That is what greatness does: 
kindly leaves a shelter for us to gather under,
where more nourishment can be offered to all things. 

                   Sometimes I read others blogs and really feel like they've offered a gift with their writing. One such random occurrence, happened today with the blog "Life Rearranged". The blogger, a mother of a special needs child has the motto of her blog stated as "Life doesn't always go as planned. Help others anyway." And in this post, she explains "why it matters when we rub our bellies and say 'so long as it’s healthy'”. I have to say, this was a thought-provoking piece. I cannot say I agree with everything written, but I can say it stirred some emotions within my own soul. And it made me reconsider how I define a worthy body or even a body in general, and that maybe the best conclusion is the one Hafiz gave....something that increases the capacity to give, something that offers nourishment to others, something where love is found to reside.

Small Bump, (2012)
Ed Sheeran

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