Friday, January 10, 2014

Why Do You Stare At The Mountain

Why Do You Stare At The Mountain 

What does real love do?
It stills the longing, 
for real love is crowned, 
and then all become its willing slave. 

Love creates a home wherever it is. 
Love is really never in want.
True love is always in a state of found. 

I know why you stare at the mountain's beauty,
for she reminds you of something vital in your self. 
And natural desires to explore her heights are just there
to help you reach your own summit. 

Once, while I was looking at the sky, it spoke, saying, 
"Hafiz, I am surprised at your admiration for me,
for dear you are my root."

Read this again, slowly now,
more may become revealed. 

         If love creates a home wherever it is found, in every crevice, corner, backyard, and quiet room of this world, then homelessness only exists where the heart is not alive. (Note: I do not wish to undermine "house"lessness, which is a real and true problem of our country and more can be found about it here.) Now back to the grandeur of love, it is always able to be found if the bond is real - life ends, love doesn't. A true love will be your mountain, they will show you the splendor of your own soul and encourage you to reach the peak of your extraordinary self.

         Here is a nice love story posted by The New York Times.

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