Saturday, January 18, 2014

And Words Like These

And Words Like These 

Tilled ground the soft heart,
and words like these the seeds 

and words like these the water,
and words like these a sun,

Beneath the surface of this game,
all is working on your behalf 

Surely then you will rise up and 
embrace what will make you most happy. 

             The phrase "words like these" made me think of the words "I love you", and how much value we place on those three words. We place value on them at the beginning of a relationship, as they are considered to put the person who said them first in a position of vulnerability. And later in life, after our relationship has both security and endurance, we never grow tired of hearing them. I remembered that I wrote a poem about the former "struggle" a while ago, which I will share below.

Almost Love by Arden Gewirtz 

Shouldn't I have demanded he say those words?
Or is the space between a void redundant? 

In hoping to hear those special three syllables 
These moments are close to prayers 

You use the same thousands of words
With meanings no one has known before 

Share with me the scars of your soul
And why you enjoy the smell of pumpkin 

As for my soul, 
It's glow-in-the-dark splatter paint 
Littered with dragon breath 
and chocolate chip sweetness 

But I can say "I love you" 

Enjoy this sweet song "Alright Already" by August York. One of the lyrics is: "Honey, I'd rather keep love our compass and guide." Love does seem like an awesome tool to navigate the waters of life by.

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