Monday, January 13, 2014

A Day Too Great a Force

A Day Too Great a Force

Look how the Creator in the form of a mother
or father can then love the created, a child,
even more than themselves.

Look at the salvation and purpose
a person can find in that devotion of caring.

A day is too great a force to bear
without the heart open.

Time will slay your body no matter what,
but with love the impetus of your final movements,
will find eternal wings. 

                         You can love your body to an extent, but it will one day fail you, as the sands of time take over. However, if you love your soul (or another's for that matter) it can only get more enriched with each passing day, the hearty laughter that sounds like a song, the beautiful thoughts you think that echo. I think some are capable of loving another more than their own self, others are able to give selflessly to others. There are many ways to give the impetus of your final movements eternal wings. Pastor Lee Jong-Rak has that type of story.

The Drop Box 

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