Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Bed Of The Sick

The Bed Of The Sick

God is always there,
beside the bed of the sick.
So many times He holds a cup to their mouths
and strokes their head.

If you don’t believe me,
try picturing that in your mind,
happening to you.

Enact this beautiful scene if you ever feel in need
of the Beloved’s presence.

That is what an imagination is for.
Can you think of anything better to do with it?
And who is to say it won’t become real
somewhere along your path.

          Angelo Merendino captured the love and loss of his wife to metastatic breast cancer beautifully, well perhaps that's not the word, but these photographs humanize loss, they make real the intimate private struggle people face during illness. It's a difficult time that we all hope to never experience, but then again, "who is to say it won't become real somewhere along your path". I think the only reason to keep this in mind for those who are fortunate enough to be healthy is because it increases our gratitude, good health is a blessing.
          The following video "If Only For A Second" really made an impact. Please always be thankful for your health. 

If Only For A Second
The Mimi Foundation 

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