Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Coat Rack

A Coat Rack

Let this poem be a coat rack 
you leave something on.

Something that you will be better off without.
Something that if you no longer carry its weight

then the scent of your love will reach others
and help draw them from their places of hiding
and their own shields they won't need anymore. 

The world will be known as more miraculous,
tender, fun and always giving,

and then your hands, will carry God with you 
wherever you like to go.

You could set Him all around in places 
that you wish Him found. 

                Everyone has a burden they could set down, an invisible shield that is becoming too heavy, and it would be kind, so very kind if the world provided coat racks. Some burdens are more visible than others, but the scars of life are beneath most human skin. Photographer, Mark Laita, with his Created Equal project attempts to reconstruct this polarizing truth thought deconstructing photographs of a myriad of walks of life.

Fast Car (1988), Tracy Chapman

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