Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Tree You Can Wind Around

A Tree You Can Wind Around

You are like a wisteria vine in a meadow.
You will naturally climb to the highest point
as soon as you are able, and then offer
your brilliant color and scents to the world
the best you can when your tendencies ripen
and the temporal and eternal spring dawns.

Yes, when your season comes,
if a tree were near your arms you would move
towards it as if you were in love,
sensing some potential of giving and receiving more,
achieving your destiny, hanging from the sky.

When you bloom, is it not clear that you will offer
so much to the world to be harvested?
All your limbs, my dear, can entwine with a pillar
of a kindred spirit, like me, and rise and rise and rise
until no one on earth can see you anymore,
for there is no limit to our height.

There are so many ways to touch the world,
if you sing, your sounds will press against
my cheek in a way I desire
if you dance, I will become the ground you bless
as happiness does for this world
if you make love with another form and can satisfy it
any sighs of respite are also mine.

This is just the way things have become
waltzing towards the heart’s passions
one day, my dear, you will realize you
can accomplish everything
just by appearing among us.

If I thought you could hear what I just said
and cash that in – walk off a wealthy person,
I would repeat it, but only for your soul’s own yearning
and the ability to live these words 
yes, the real blessing of this world is simply
you having ever been.

Know that from this realization came dawn
and every benevolent wave that still
spreads out exploring the endlessness of time.

            It may sound as if this is a love poem to an individual, but really, it is a love poem to life itself, to each one of us as an individual, to any person that ever reads these words. That’s the beauty inherent in Hafiz’s poetry – he writes a love story, but not a traditional one. His narration is as personal as it is wide spreading. Anyone who has ever loved anyone (which is everyone), knows that the real blessing of this world is simply you (whoever “you” is) having ever been. Now read this poem as if it is about you. Absorb what it means to change the world with just your very presence in it.  
            What a powerful note to start the New Year on!

My personal resolutions are two:
        1) That instead of judging another from afar, I will picture them standing in front of me, telling me about their own worth: "I am beautiful, unique, loved." I hope I find it more difficult to pass judgement on another human being - a special, once-only, snowflake.
        2) If I feel myself beginning to complain, whether to myself or another, I will spare us both the distaste that comes from whining. Life is precious, I am blessed. I hope I absorb the grandeur of my blessings more on a daily basis.

            I wish all of you a happy and healthy 2014!

Flowering Wisteria in China

Seasons of Love (1996)
Jonathan Larson, RENT

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