Sunday, December 29, 2013

Who Is Living Next Door?

Who Is Living Next Door?

Who is really living next door to you?
To what extent do you know the answer,

and therefore for a minute now and then
are grateful for their presence?

You have heard about God being indivisible;
is that just a rumor?

Is there a difference between God and existence?

Still, most live as if there is
because slowly we learn.

Some ingredient to solving this vital equation
may be missing.

It could be the physical touch of someone
who knows the Truth.

Yes, someone who knows the Truth and lives it.

           The Truth is that everyday humans can perform acts that remind us of God - acts of charity, kindness, and goodwill. A smile, a thank-you, a word of encouragement. Giving up your seat on a train to a stranger or spreading daily joy to loved ones. What acts "count"? Perhaps anything that is happiness spent on others that does not diminish your own. Here's a great list to start with. 
           Below is a sarcastic ad from a Swedish branch of UNICEF about the power of one person, yet in mocking the man they have actually illuminated a point that needs to be heard. The man finds himself in Heaven in the company of Jesus, Mother Teresa, and Mahatma Gandhi. He is sitting at their table, dining with them, and they are asking him, "Wow, what did you do to end up here?" He responds that he merely clicked the ad and saved the life of one child. Some would say, "oh, only one". But is it not beautiful to look at this as incredible instead? Your charitable acts matter, your kindness counts. 

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