Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Every Holy Book

Every Holy Book

A candle giving advice to the sun
can make the sun smile
because of the flame’s remarkable innocence.

Maybe I should be careful about saying
something like this, but
every holy book lifts the corners of my mouth.

            I love how Hafiz supported all religions. At the center of every religion is love, and wherever love is, God is. Thus, I do believe we can conclude quite confidently that God is everywhere, and that He is as present on Earth as He is in Heaven. The path or guide we choose to find Him may vary from that of our neighbor, but it is no less worthy. I can only imagine that Hafiz means all religions make him smile, and what better way to unite the world than that? 

           Here is a link to the Huffington Post's favorite Interfaith Quotes

 The World From 30,000 feet
Photograph by Emery Gewirtz

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