Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Singing Cleaning Woman

A Singing Cleaning Woman

A leaf says,

"Sweehearts - don't pick me,
for I am busy 
doing God's work.

I offer like a rose to 
the Sky 

a singing cleaning woman,
dusting all the shelves 
in the air 

with my elegant 
green rags. 

I have a heart. 
I can know happiness
like You." 

                There are people doing God's work everywhere, keep your eyes peeled for them. What was interesting to me is that Hafiz did not choose someone with a lofty profession (neurosurgeon) or a very valuable object (jewelry) in his poem about doing God's work. He chose to have a leaf offer its services as a cleaning woman to the sky. Does that mean anything to you? Should we reevaluate the common perception about what labor is "holy", "needed", "revered"?

When Autumn Leaves Start to Fall
A Photomanipulation by Luiza Lazar 

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