Thursday, December 26, 2013

Wanting Our Life To Make Sense

Wanting Our Life To Make Sense 

All day long you do this, 
with movements and thoughts,
and then even in your sleep - 
pan for gold. 

We are looking to find something 
to celebrate 
with great enthusiasm,

wanting all our battles and toil 
and our life to make sense

"I found it, I found it, I found it!" 
a man once began to shout, 
after having spent years in solitude,

"Where?" a young shepherd boy nearby asked.

and the man replied, "It may take a while,
but I will show you.  For now, 
just sit near to me."

                   I really like the conclusion of this poem..."just sit near to me".  The gold you seek is found through loving another, "love is the only gold" (attributed to Alfred Lord Tennyson).
                   I took the picture below on my trip to NYC, the billboard contained nothing else besides this grand message.

Love Wins, 2013
Photograph by: Arden Gewirtz

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