Saturday, December 14, 2013

Carrying God

Carrying God

No one can keep us from carrying God
wherever we go.

No one can rob His name
from our hearts as we try to relinquish our fears
and at last stand victorious.

We do no have to leave Him in the mosque
or church alone at night;

We do not have to be envious of our spirit’s ability,
which can sometimes touch God in a dream.

Our yearning eyes, our warm-needing bodies,
can always draw him near.

No one anywhere can keep us
from carrying the Beloved wherever we go.
He lives in the rhythm of our heart.

            Hafiz speaks of God broadly in this poem, allowing the reader to conjure up an image of his or her own God. For me, the comfort in religion exists from knowing that someone is always close by to listen, that there is a place to offer up your hopes and fears to. If you’ve been lucky enough to feel that “energy” returned to you on earth, if you’ve shared in the joy of spreading goodwill, then you know Hafiz’s truth: no one anywhere can keep you from God, because God is Love. 

         I like this compiled list of religious leaders

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