Friday, December 20, 2013

Listen To This Music

Listen To This Music

I am a hole in a flute that the Christ’s breath
moves through –
listen to this music.

I am the concert from the movement
of every creature singing
in myriad chords.

And every dancer, their foot I know and lift.
And every brush and hand, well,
that is me too,
who caresses any canvas or cheek.

How did I become all these things,
and beyond all things?

It was my destiny
as it is yours.

            Hafiz’s “music” is about destining towards the peak of life. Become who you are through every person or passion that has touched your life and added a fiber to your being; undoubtedly then you will harbor the orchestra he describes inside your soul. The following Billy Joel song, For The Longest Time, seems to reflect on the joy of finding someone who makes you very happy. This is a “truth” many people have experienced. Conversely, sometimes they forget that even though such encounters may end, if they’ve struck a chord within you, there will “still be music left to write”. As Billy Joel sings: “If you said goodbye to me tonight/There would still be music left to write/What else could I do/I’m so inspired by you”.

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