Friday, December 27, 2013

This Is The Time For Silence

This Is The Time For Silence

The beauty of the mountain is talked about
most from a distance,

not while one is scaling the summit
with life at risk.

That is the time for silence, reflection,
and drawing upon all your skills
so you might return from the cloud's domain

and inspire others to breathe closer to God,
while still human,
the way you did.

             This poem reminded me of a quote by Wolf J. Rinke that my father shared with me a while back: "A difficulty for many successful people is that they perpetually look up the mountain, never down. To feel a sense of gratitude you must also take the time to reflect on all that you have already achieved and accumulated. Remember, look down the mountain too." Summiting the mountain can be a metaphor for success. At its peak, the enormity of the mountain is not fully recognized. Sure, its height, its vast presence, the accomplishment of reaching the summit may all be experienced. Conversely, the feeling of magnitude might be more fully achieved through reflection. And as Hafiz concludes, after reflection about your own experiences, you can encourage others to pursue their own equivalents. 
Staubbach Falls, Near Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland (1865)
Albert Bierstadt

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